In March 2022, Riyadh will host the Middle East and North Africa Poultry Conference, which is held under the
patronage of the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Engineer Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupies the third rank in the world in per capita consumption of poultry meat at a rate of 50 kilograms annually, and the Kingdom ranks first in the Middle East and Africa in poultry production. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major player in the poultry industry in the Middle East, where the largest poultry production companies are located in the region. The government also supports investments and sustainability in this sector to achieve food security. The rate of self-sufficiency in poultry meat in 2020 reached 60%, and the Kingdom seeks to reach 80% by 2025.

Agriculture in general, and livestock in particular, are facing major challenges in the near future. The poultry sector has major assets to meet the expectation of the world population, provided that it can anticipate changes needed for sustainable production systems. In the 2022 edition, the conference will discuss the Poultry Production under High Environmental Temperature. The conference will discuss through speakers and guests the effects on production and solutions and a review of the latest studies and research on this. Our ambition is that MENA Poultry Conference brings a major contribution to these challenges for the benefit of the world population